Call to the public against rights violations in prisons

  • 15:11 13 September 2023
  • News
ADANA - Çukurova TUAY-DER Adana Branch President Nuray Kaya, who made a statement to draw attention to the increasing human rights violations in prisons, called for public awareness on this issue.
Çukurova Detainee and Convict Families and Assistance Association (Çukurova TUAY-DER) Adana Branch made a press statement in İnönü Park regarding the aggravated isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the increasing rights violations against political prisoners in prisons recently. Members of the association opened a banner saying "Stop the rights violations and torture in prisons" and shouted slogans such as "Human dignity will defeat torture" and "Political prisoners are our honor."
'Violations are increasing day by day'
Making a statement, Çukurova TUAY-DER Branch President Nuray Kaya stated that the rights violations in prisons, especially the Imrali isolation, are increasing day by day and said, "The approach to Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, who has been under heavy isolation for 24 years, is not independent of these rights violations. Especially in prisons "We have been witnessing more frequent deaths, torture, executions and burnings in recent times. These events far exceed the September 12 fascist junta process."
Call for sensitivity
Reminding that 70-year-old cancer patient Şakir Turan lost his life in Erzincan L Type Closed Prison, Kaya noted that the government has turned prisons into areas of death and torture. Referring to the torture of female political prisoners in Patnos L Type Closed Prison, Kaya said, "We know that these rights violations, torture, pressure and intimidation policies in prisons are carried out within a certain concept. We call on the public to be sensitive about this and not to remain silent."