Life stopped for Halabja

  • 15:31 16 March 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - Due to the anniversary of the Halabja Massacre, life stopped in Southern Kurdistan and Northern and Eastern Syria.
Commemorations are held in many centers to mark the anniversary of Saddam Hussein's chemical attack on the Halabja district of Southern Kurdistan on March 16, 1988, and the massacre of thousands of Kurds.
For those who lost their lives in the massacre, at 10:55, when the attack started, the people in many parts of Southern Kurdistan held a minute's silence for those who lost their lives in markets, streets and institutions.
Autonomous Administration institutions in Northern and Eastern Syria also stopped their work and commemorated those who lost their lives with a 5-minute silence.
Management protested
The government held a commemoration ceremony in Halabja to mark the 35th anniversary of the Halabja Massacre. Citizens who did not attend the ceremony organized by the government visited the Halabja Martyrdom and commemorated those who were killed in the massacre. A woman from Halabja, who did not want to be named, made a speech during her visit to the martyrdom and said, “Let us serve, not a ceremony. Let's serve our martyrs and our youth instead of these ceremonies. Let services be done to our city.”