The date for HDP candidate applications is 17-25 March

  • 15:15 16 March 2023
  • News
ANKARA - HDP will start receiving applications for parliamentary candidates for the General Elections between 17-25 March. It has been learned that the party will not stretch the two-term rule.
The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) continues its efforts for the Presidential and General Elections to be held on 14 May. The HDP, which has established Provincial Election Coordination in all cities, will follow every stage of the work with the members of the Party's Central Executive Board (MYK) and Party Assembly (PM).
Pool created
According to the news in the Mezopotamya Agency (MA), HDP will start accepting candidate candidates between 17-25 March. Having completed the trend survey studies in all cities, HDP created a name pool. HDP will also offer candidacy to symbolic names.
The two-term rule will not be stretched
Those elected as Co-Mayor, Municipal Assembly Member and Provincial Assembly Member in local elections will not apply. A consensus was reached not to bend the two-term rule for the parliamentary candidacy, which was also discussed at the HDP Central Executive Board meeting.