At least 13,000 students poisoned in Iran and Rojhilat

  • 13:13 14 March 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Saeed Karimi, who made a statement about the mass poisoning of female students who led the protests in Rojhilat and Iran, announced that at least 13 thousand students have been poisoned so far.
While women were leading the protests after the murder of Kurdish woman Jîna Eminî in September, the poisoning of female students one after another in recent months, reinforced the possibility that it was an attack by the Iranian government.
In the statements made, it was noted that the poisoning incidents were not a coincidence, while Iranian Deputy Minister of Health Saeed Karimi stated that 13 thousand students who were poisoned were treated. Saeed Karimi also claimed that there was no one who lost his life.