A new breath in the Free Press: Jin

  • 12:35 14 March 2023
  • News
ISTANBUL - The editor of the newspaper, Hicran Urun, commenting on the renewal of the New Life Women's Supplement and its weekly publication under the name "Jin", stated that they have extended microphones to women in many parts of the world, from the Middle East to Chile, and will continue to work on the values they believe in stressed that they will continue Hicran expressed why they said "Jin" with the words "Jin equals women's struggle.”
Kurdish women journalists, who come from the tradition of free press, have been working for years to write the truth against the massacres, oppression and arrests from a women's point of view and to create a public archive. One of these studies, Yeni Yaşam newspaper's Women's Supplement, which is published every 15 days and has 53 issues, started to meet with its readers on a weekly basis under the name "Jin" as of March 5th. Hicran Urun, editor of Yeni Yaşam newspaper, made an assessment about Jin, which continues to be published in digital media on a weekly basis.
The tradition of free press continues…
Stating that the New Life Women's Supplement is not a new study for the history of the free press, Hicran said that a women's struggle from Gurbetelli Ersöz, and the free press created spaces to make women's voices heard. Hicran said, “Previously, there was Binevş in Özgür Gündem newspaper as a separate women's magazine. In order to continue this tradition and respond to the process, we set out as the New Life Women's Supplement. While the women's movement was being talked about so much all over the world, there was a need for a women's press area where it would reflect its voice while it was a serious force. We received positive feedback when we set out, which is something that made us very happy.”
'An archive for the history of women's struggle'
Reminding that oppression increased in Turkey when they set out, women's rights were usurped and women raised their voices in the fields against it, Hicran stated that the need for a publishing that would reflect the voices of resisting women is growing day by day. Hicran continued as follows: “As we set out on the road, we thought that there was a need for a medium that would not only be limited to Turkey and Kurdistan, but would make the voices of women all over the world heard and in which they would make an effort. We also made the cover of the Middle East, we tried to add a voice to the voices of Chilean women and women in Rojava, and we offered microphones to Argentine women. This woman created an archive in terms of the history of struggle. When we look back, there were 53 full points where we could find the voice of every segment.”
'We don't have to pass microphones to men'
Hicran pointed out that men are able to make their voices heard comfortably in all areas, do not encounter any obstacles, and that female pressure is important against the first male names coming to mind when an opinion is sought on a subject. All of these headlines have something that touches women. It is very important to look at these areas from a women's perspective. In this sense, we have created a portfolio. The more microphones you extend to women, the more you make women visible. It's a way of saying that you don't have to hold the microphone only to men, there are women too”, she expressed the impact of women's publishing on society.
'Jin equals women's struggle'
Emphasizing that the Kurdish women's movement has gained momentum in the world, Hicran said that this struggle has grown and the resistance that has grown with the slogan "Jin jiyan azadi" in Iran is seen in the struggle of women against ISIS in Rojava, and in the struggle of Kurdish women against fascism in the cities of Turkey and Kurdistan. Hicran said, “The whole world speaks the slogan of Jin jiyan azadi. Based on this slogan, we decided to continue with the name 'jin'. On the other hand, Kurdish women have an important place in the history of the struggle of the Kurdish people. We reflect the resistance of people who have put women at the forefront in the history of struggle. In this respect, the name 'Jin' is important to us. Being a woman is not something that exists only biologically in us. Jin equals women's struggle. We have just published our second issue. When you name it as a women's supplement, there are not many magazine ideas, but when we say Jin magazine, the web magazine format has become more established.”
'We will continue to work for the values we believe in'
Emphasizing that they continue to fight against Kurdish women and the state's oppression and targeting as women in the Kurdish press, Hicran said, “Your website may be closed, your publications may be blocked, and you may be censored. This isn't the first time we've encountered it. Kurdish women have the power to cope with them. We learned to knit the new. There is pressure, but we know from our heritage and experience that these are not things that will intimidate us. We will continue to work for the values we believe in.”