Joint action call from doctors in Rojhilat and Iran

  • 14:56 11 March 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - In many schools in Rojhilat and Iran, a joint call for action came from doctors against gas poisoning, especially of female students.
The Iranian government's policy of arrest, oppression, execution and murder continues against the rebellion that started in Iran since September 16, 2022, when the Kurdish woman Jîna Emini was tortured and murdered.
Finally, since 2022, the Iranian government is shown to be responsible for the gas poisonings that have taken place in schools, especially in girls' schools. Students are the group that gives the strongest support to the rebellion.
According to the news in NuJINHA, reactions to gas poisoning in schools rose from many places. A group of health workers who took action yesterday also called for a joint action to the public.
In the call made to the Board of the Iranian Health System Organization, the doctors emphasized that these events should be intervened and irreparable disasters should be prevented. The doctors said: “Isn't it the duty of our medical system, health and medical education, and forensic medicine officials to deploy joint teams to uncover the true causes and clear up past misunderstandings such as suspicious deaths, to investigate the incident with scientific and clear reasoning? Are you deciphering the causes of events? Will these poisonous and serial attacks on our girls' education centers not spread to other parts of the society with newer and more sophisticated methods tomorrow?