Turkey continued its attacks in the earthquake

  • 14:18 11 March 2023
  • News
HELEB - Evaluating the earthquake and the continuation of the attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria, Kongra Star Afrin Canton member Feride Ibo said that Turkey blocked aid and attacked people who had to migrate from Afrin to Shehba.
The earthquake in Mereş (Maraş), in which tens of thousands of people lost their lives, also affected Northern and Eastern Syria. Despite the earthquake, Turkey did not stop its attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. In addition, it prevented the aid sent to the earthquake victims in the region. Feride İbo, a member of the Kongra Star Afrin Canton, made an assessment on the subject.
'The Turkish state continues its immoral approach'
Speaking about the blocking of aid sent to the region, Feride said, “The Turkish state continues its immoral approach. The Turkish state not only closed the doors to prevent aid from reaching, but also continued its attacks on the people who had to migrate from Afrin and settled in Shehba. Again in the North, citizens who were under the rubble lost their lives. The reason for this was that mobilization was not declared.”
'The Turkish state is attacking everywhere'
Expressing that Turkey attacks every area, Feride said: “The Turkish state is constantly attacking us, and again, due to the earthquake, they did not allow aid to reach the region. They are closing all doors, attacking civilians and workers with drones in other areas. Again, they continue their attacks with forbidden weapons on the mountains where freedom fighters are located. All these show the aim and policy of the Turkish state. It sees its existence in the destruction of people and society, and the Turkish state does not allow humanity to be defended by the AKP. This shows that it is unethical.”
'Tayyip approaches disaster without conscience'
Drawing attention to the tricks of the power in Turkey, Feride said, “She wants to scratch the election once again with power games. Tayyip Erdoğan should not be the president of Turkey once again with what he has done.” “Kurds in earthquake-affected and damaged areas. There were Arabs, Turkmen and Armenians,” said Feride, “People help each other here. However, they could not get people out of the rubble because they did not have the means. The Turkish state did not help these people. The Turkish state is approaching the disaster without conscience.”