2023 Newroz declaration announced: Her der Newroz her dem azadî

  • 13:37 10 March 2023
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AMED - Political parties and institutions announced the 2023 Newroz declaration at the Dicle Fırat Cultural Center with the motto "Her der Newroz her dem azadî”," and the first fire will be lit in Şemzînan.
 Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-Chair Berdan Öztürk, Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Pervin Buldan and HDP deputies, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz, Peace Mothers Council The 2023 Newroz declaration was announced by representatives of the Kurdistani Alliance and the Green Left Party at the Dicle Fırat Cultural Center. At the place where the statement was made, banners “Her der Newroz her dem azadî” and “Freedom with the fire of Newroz” and “Newroz 2023” banners were hung.
'Celebrations will take place in 43 centers'
 Speaking first in the declaration, DBP Co-Chair Saliha Aydeniz stated that they will start Newroz. Saliha said, “For thousands of years, Newroz has been greeted as a day of resurrection, serhildan and freedom. However, this year, we face the pain of the earthquake. This year, we dedicate the Newroz program to those who lost their lives in the earthquake.” Saliha also stated that they will hold celebrations in 43 centers and that the first fire will be lit in the Şemzînan district of Colemêrg, adding that the fire will be raised in many centers. Expressing that they will raise the Newroz fire and hold the government accountable, Saliha said that they will hold commemorative events on March 17 and 18.
'The effects of the demolition continue to be heavy'
After reading the Kurdish version of the statement, Berdan Öztürk mentioned the earthquake that occurred in Mereş (Maraş) on February 6 and directly affected 15 million people in 11 provinces. Berdan said that they will meet the 2023 Newroz with the pain and mourning of the earthquake and said, “The heavy effects of the destruction continue in the intervening month. We are going through a period in which we desperately need solidarity. The earthquake and what happened after it has once again revealed a truth that we have defended for years, for which we have fought and paid a great price. All centralist models of power, which are managed from a single center and narrow down and usurp the entire initiative of the local, are not suitable for the systemic and structural character of societies.”
'It strengthened the spirit of national unity'
Noting that the biggest reason why the destruction caused by the earthquake was so severe was the centralized and authoritarian understanding of the state, which preferred the cumbersome, bureaucratic and oppressive model to autonomous and local governments, Berdan said, “The great social solidarity network that emerged from the other side both strengthened the national unity spirit of the Kurds and strengthened the national unity spirit of the Kurds. The fact that the democratic republic model based on decentralized and autonomous democratic life is the only paradigm of liberation has emerged again. Mentioning that they will greet Newroz, which is celebrated with enthusiasm every year, with laments and sayings in memory of the lost this year, Berdan said, "With our anger, we will welcome the AKP-MHP fascism to account in accordance with the spirit of Kawa's great revolt against Dehak. We see the Newroz in 2023, where we will demand the immediate lifting of the heavy isolation on Mr. Öcalan, who has been in solitary confinement for years, to play his historical role, and the freedom of all political prisoners, as the good news of overthrowing the current government in the next election.”
Berdan made the following statements in the continuation of the statement:
“We call on Kurdish politics to be based on breaking the influence of the regime's political apparatus in Kurdistan at the ballot box, as one of the main pillars of the 2023 election strategy, and we will once again shout at the Newroz squares, which are the arenas of freedom, that a free democratic Amed is a prerequisite for a democratic Ankara. We see it as the greatest historical and moral duty to start a new social construction process against the main owners of the last heavy destruction that has condemned our peoples to rotten buildings entirely through the economy of rent and plunder. Newroz 2023, with the reality that a liberation struggle without especially youth and women will never be liberation; Under the leadership of women and youth, it will be a Newroz in which our people will once again declare their will, and the pain and anger of the earthquake will socialize and pour into the fields in millions.
We will further strengthen solidarity
In this respect, we will dedicate the 2023 Newroz programs to our people who lost their lives in the earthquake, and we will be in the fields with the great mourning and anger of this destruction. Despite all that has happened, we will further strengthen our hope and faith in the new life, and strengthen our solidarity. With the spirit of national unity and solidarity revealed in the earthquake, we will commemorate the lives we lost in the Newroz areas.
In order to socialize the resurrection and to shout the voice of justice and peace around the Newroz fire, we invite all our peoples to the 2023 Newroz, which we will celebrate with the motto 'Herder Newroz, Herdem Azadî' and 'Freedom with the Newroz Fire'. We celebrate the Newroz of all peoples, especially the Kurdish people, with the longing for a free and equal country. Biji Newroz, long live Newroz.”
'We will not celebrate in a festive mood'
Speaking afterwards, Pervin Buldan noted that this year's Newroz was welcomed in an environment of great destruction and pain caused by the earthquake. Pervin said, “Once again, I wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster. At the same time, I wish a speedy recovery to those who were injured and treated in hospitals. This year, we will not celebrate Newroz in a festive mood. However, I would like to state that we will welcome it in accordance with the spirit of Newroz. Especially since the Kurdish people have been one of the ancient holidays in these ancient lands for centuries, we will celebrate not in a festive mood, but in an atmosphere of mourning and in a way that will express the common demands of our peoples. Newroz is an occasion for peace and brotherhood. It is a day where an equal and free life screams. It is the name of the resistance against evil, oppression, injustice, prohibitions, exploitation and all the evils in Turkey. It is a day when the will for solution and negotiation is expressed in the strongest way and demanded. It is the meeting of hope, resurrection and courage. It is the unity in the will of national unity and the commoning in the struggle”.
'We will show that the course of history has changed'
Emphasizing that they are in a period when they need to be together to heal the wounds of the earthquake, Pervin said, “We are experiencing great pain this period. Unity and togetherness should be much more this period. We are going through such a process, so we have different things to shout about in the Newroz areas. In order to create a system that keeps us alive, we want to give the message that the people of Turkey want change, your time is up now. We will express and shout that we will achieve this by coming together in a common struggle, solidarity, unity and solidarity. In another message to the government, we will come together to express to the political will that we are not intimidated, afraid, despairing, and not giving up. We know that this government is anti-Kurdish, anti-peace, we know it is a misogynist government, we know it is a trustee government. We will show once again from the Newroz areas that the system cannot continue like this. I would like to express that we believe wholeheartedly that the struggle for an honorable life will win. We will show the power that the course of history will definitely change. We will change this, we will succeed. The peoples of Turkey, the Kurdish women's alliance will definitely change that. Newroz will be the start of a great change. The people made their decision and decided on the democratic solution. Signs of this are read by all of us. When the government looks at this Newroz, it will definitely see its own entrance. When the government looks at this Newroz, it will see that the change has begun, it will see the unity of the peoples of Turkey, it will see the alliance of the Kurds. The spirit of Newroz and the great will it will reveal will turn into the spirit of great change on May 14, and the country will definitely change it. All these signals will be given at Newroz. Once again, I invite all our peoples to come together in the Newroz areas and be the pioneer of change. He ended his speech by saying, "I thank everyone in advance."
'Women continued their resistance in the fields'
Speaking on behalf of TJA, Gülcihan Şimşek also commemorated those who lost their lives in the earthquake and wished a speedy recovery to the injured. Gülcihan said, “Earthquake is a natural disaster, but the policies and rent policies have left the state in ruins. On the day of the earthquake, our people and our organization waged a great struggle. He did not leave the people alone. Today is Newroz day and it is known that March is the month of resistance. The struggle of women gave its answer on March 8, in every field and in every city. Regardless, he continued his resistance in the fields. On March 8, she said "it's time for women's freedom". Just as Jîna Emini rebelled and struggled in Iran, thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people chanted the slogan jin jiyan azadi in unison. We all know that this slogan has a philosophy and a meaning. Here we see the magnitude of women's struggles. This is our call in Amed today; "No matter how heartbreaking or painful it is, there is a resistance against the sovereigns.”
After the speeches, the declaration came to an end with a cine-vision about Newroz.