Serpil Kemalbay: We will defeat the one-man regime

  • 10:41 10 March 2023
  • News
İZMİR - HDP İzmir Deputy Serpil Kemalbay, who said that elections were held in a process where serious problems are still experienced in the earthquake region, stated that they will continue their solidarity and gave the message that they will defeat the "one-man" regime with the peoples.
After President Tayyip Erdoğan pointed out May 14 as the election date, the candidate crisis of the Nation Alliance ended with the clarification of the candidacy of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. After the election date was determined, on February 6, two earthquakes took place in 11 provinces centered in Mereş, causing destruction and the death of tens of thousands of citizens. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) İzmir Deputy Serpil Kemalbay, who was together with the citizens in the cities where there was destruction as a party after the earthquake, made evaluations about the developments in this process.
'We will continue to be together with earthquake victims'
Stating that Turkey had already entered the election atmosphere before the earthquake, but there was great pain in the earthquake that affected 11 provinces, Serpil said, “More than 100 thousand people lost their lives, as many of them lost their limbs. The earthquake zone is still under the rubble and we cannot say that the state is still in the earthquake zone. Solidarity volunteers meet the needs of earthquake victims, earthquake victims trying to live around the debris cannot meet their toilet needs. The water problem continues. While these problems are still going on, it would not be humanely, morally or politically correct to skip a political agenda and leave the earthquake victims alone with their suffering. As HDP, we put earthquake victims at the center while drawing our roadmap. Coordination centers have been working in earthquake zones since the first day for more than a month. We are experiencing difficulties in meeting the needs as the solidarity has decreased, but we will continue to expand the solidarity and be together with the earthquake victims.”
'We must defeat the single-candidate regime'
Expressing that Turkey needs a democratic transformation, Serpil said that the steps taken for this are insufficient. Serpil said, “There should be a common candidate, there should be a common salvation together. We must defeat the one-man regime together. But instead, a program that moves away from the neoliberal policies that put an end to discrimination against peoples, cultures and beliefs, and the one-man regime of exploitation and robbery in which democratic rights and the balance-checking system of law are placed on the basis of equal citizenship that will embrace everyone with all their differences. there is a need. The stones are not set yet. As the Labor and Freedom Alliance, we, as the HDP, insist on the rise and shaping of these demands.”