March 8 actions in Northern and Eastern Syria

  • 17:08 8 March 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - In the cities of Northern and Eastern Syria, tens of thousands of women took to the streets to raise the slogans of "Jin jiyan azadi" on March 8th.
Women in Kurdistan, Turkey and around the world are shouting their demands on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day. In Northern and Eastern Syria, women carried out various actions and activities with the slogan "Towards a Women's Revolution with Jin Jiyan Azadi".
Women marched in the Qamishlo Canton of Northern and Eastern Syria. The march, which started at the Assyrian Martyrs' Crossroad in Amude, ended at the Martyr Jihad Square, while the Kongra Star Headquarters in Tirbespiye became the starting point of the march. Protests started from Martyr Masûm Square in Çilaxa district in the same canton, from Martyr Xebat Square in Girkê Legê, from Abdullah Öcalan Park in Til Koçer and from Freedom Square in Derik.
People from the Kongra Star Headquarters in Til Hemîs and the Firin Junction in Til Birak marched with the slogans of "Jin jiyan azadî".
In the wooded area in the city center of Kobanê, women came together and stood for the halay. Afterwards, the march towards the Jarablus road began.
March 8 marches started in Hesekê center and its districts. The march in Hesekê started in front of the Xelîl Mosque in the Salihiyê District and continued until the El Mufti District. Citizens marching from the Education Association in the Hall continued their march until the entrance of the district. In Dirbesiyê, women marched from Martyr Zevîn Park to the Kongra Star center. The march was started in front of the Martyrs' Families Assembly in Til Temir, another address of the march, and a rally was held in the Dolawiyê Field in Zirgan.
Thousands of people joined the march that started in front of the Euphrates Hospital in Manbij and reached Wadi Street.
The starting address of the women's march in Aleppo was the headquarters of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Şêxmeqsûd. Women wearing their traditional clothes took their places in the march with the posters of the women who lost their lives in the freedom struggle.
Hundreds of women participated in the march in Tabqa. The march started from the first neighborhood.
In Raqqa, women also joined the march. Photographs of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the women who lost their lives and banners reading "Life gets better with women's resistance and we will defeat terrorism" were carried during the march that started at the Panorama Junction in the southwest of Raqqa.