Women at the epicenter of the earthquake: You are not alone

  • 16:13 6 March 2023
  • News
MEREŞ - Women from TJA, HDK and HDP, who came from Istanbul to show solidarity with the earthquake victims within the scope of March 8, conveyed their solidarity wishes to the earthquake victims and promised that they would not leave them alone.
 Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA) activists, who set off from Istanbul yesterday, provided the aid they prepared for the 8 March International Women's Day with the slogan "Women's solidarity makes life live". It reached the Bezarcix district of Mereş, the epicenter of the earthquake, together with its materials. A group of 40 women, including HDP MPs Dilşat Cambaz, Züleyha Gülüm and Oya Ersoy, as well as HDK Co-spokesperson Esengül Demir, came together with the earthquake victims and made a statement.
'We are in resistance'
 TJA activist Remziye Alparslan, who first made a statement, said, "We are angry and we are resisting against this persecution of the people," and said that they stand shoulder to shoulder with the earthquake victims. Noting that Kurdish women are fighting against the male state mentality, Remziye also drew attention to the fact that the state did not go to earthquake zones. Remziye, who said that the AKP-MHP government left the people in stones and rubble, drew attention to the fact that while trying to bring the injured and funerals of the earthquake victims under the rubble, the government blocked the aid that came. Stating that the institutions were handed over to the sects, Remziye added that the emergency and aid institutions are also managed with the logic of "company" and added, "They don't care about the aid given by the people. They sold these aids, which should have been distributed to the people in earthquake zones, at exorbitant prices.”
'Your pain is our pain'
Stating that women will oppose the rent and capital system, Remziye stated that as TJA, they will resist this system with the spirit of "Women's Freedom Time" and will not leave women alone. Remziye conveyed her wishes of solidarity to the earthquake victims, saying, "Their pain is our pain."
'We will ask for account'
 HDK Co-spokesperson Esengül Demir, who started her speech by conveying her wishes of solidarity to the earthquake victims, pointed out the magnitude of the disaster and stated that the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan shared the pain of the earthquake victims. Noting that they set out from Istanbul to come together with earthquake survivors who have been trying to heal the wounds for about a month and the state has not visited, Esengül said, “We brought the solidarity cards, messages and small gifts of support sent to you by our female comrades there. In the face of an approach that does not think about and marginalizes peoples and prioritizes the needs of the capital, not the needs of the peoples, all the peoples of Turkey set out to stand side by side in solidarity despite the discriminatory policies of the state. Esengül said, "We will hold the government to account for these, we will heal our wounds together," and conveyed the love and greetings of women in Istanbul to the earthquake victims and promised that they would not leave them alone.”
Chain created
After the statement, the women formed a chain and emptied the vehicle they had brought from Istanbul for the women who were affected by the earthquake, especially the cleaning and hygiene materials. The women then dispersed to the villages to distribute these supplies.