Intoxication warning from TTB in the earthquake zone

  • 15:44 17 February 2023
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NEWS CENTER - In the information note shared by TTB on air pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning in the earthquake region, it was pointed out that air pollution can cause many health problems, especially heart and respiratory system diseases.
The effects of the earthquake that took place on February 6, the epicenter of which was Mereş and caused destruction in 10 cities, continue. The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) warned about air pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning in earthquake areas in its latest information note.
In the note of the TTB, it was stated that the burning of wood and coal increased air pollution in the region, which was already heavily polluted before the earthquake, both due to the debris removal works and the lack of electricity and natural gas to the region.
The measures that should be taken by the authorities to reduce air pollution, which can cause many health problems, especially heart and respiratory system diseases, are listed:
Air pollution
“*The heating problem of closed areas should be solved with electric heaters by providing electricity to tent cities urgently.
*Debris removal works should be done after water is supplied and the debris is wetted. Thus, the amount of dust in the air can be significantly reduced.
*Tent cities and other temporary settlements should be established at points that are relatively unaffected by air pollution, taking into account the meteorological conditions of the regions.
Carbon monoxide poisoning
* Carbon monoxide poisoning; It occurs as a result of burning carbon-based fuels such as wood, coal, natural gas, kerosene, bottled gas in closed environments with poor ventilation for heating or other purposes.
* Since carbon monoxide gas is a colorless, odorless and non-irritating gas, poisoning is not noticed.
* The first symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are headache, weakness, nausea-vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, numbness and blackout.
* Tents should be heated with electric heaters in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
* If electricity and electric heaters cannot be provided, the stoves should be duly connected to the outside with a chimney. Stove pipes should be connected to the outside without using excessive elbows. Chimney caps that change direction according to the wind direction should be installed at the mouth of the chimneys.
Tents should be ventilated frequently
* If carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected, all people in the tent should be taken to the open air and the nearest health personnel should be notified.
* Two health workers in the tent city suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.”
Two healthcare workers poisoned
On the other hand, TTB shared on its social media account on February 16 (yesterday) that two healthcare workers suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning in the tent city set up in the Yenimahalle market area in Adıyaman.