A call to protest against the conspiracy

  • 14:38 14 February 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - In Southern Kurdistan, women called on all institutions, parties and organizations to participate in protest actions against the international conspiracy.
With a statement made in Silêmani, Southern Kurdistan women called for participation in the actions to be held against the 15 February International Conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan.
Entering the 25th year
Making a statement on behalf of women, Şihên Muhammed stated that women condemned the international conspiracy and said: “We are entering the 25th year of the heavy isolation imposed on Leader Ocalan. Leader Ocalan fought against conspiracies and conspirators throughout his entire life in the dungeon.
Actions to be taken
As women, we want unity and solidarity in Southern Kurdistan. Actions will be held against the 15 February International Conspiracy against Leader Ocalan. We call on all institutions, parties, organizations and women to take an active part in the actions to be organized.
We will own
To protect Leader Ocalan is to protect his identity and women. It is the fight for our rights. We will protect Leader Ocalan with our actions. Leader Ocalan 's freedom means the freedom of the Kurdish people. The Turkish state should now reconsider its policies towards the Kurdish people. In this context, it is necessary to go to Imrali and meet with Leader Ocalan because Leader Öcalan is the main interlocutor of peace and solution. For this reason, Leader Ocalan should be contacted immediately and his freedom should be ensured. Our action and struggle will continue until the freedom of Leader Ocalan is ensured.”