‘Alevi neighborhood has been abandoned to its fate…’

  • 16:19 13 February 2023
  • News
Gülistan Dursun 
HATAY - Citizens, who stated that search and rescue teams still did not enter the Armutlu District, where heavy destruction was experienced in the earthquake, said, “This is the Alevi district. It has been left to his fate.”
The number of people who lost their lives in the earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 affecting 10 provinces centered in Mereş is increasing with each passing hour. In Hatay, one of the cities most affected by the earthquake, there are still thousands of people under the rubble. There is still no search and rescue team on the 8th day of the earthquake in Armutlu District, which was most affected by the destruction.
Citizens who have been waiting for their relatives at the wreckage for days are now revolting. An earthquake survivor, who stated that he was waiting for 6 of his relatives under the rubble, shared that they have been waiting for their relatives to be removed either dead or alive for 8 days. Citizen said, “Let the whole of Turkey and the world see this disgrace. I beg now; I want these bodies removed as soon as possible. We have neither night nor day. Enough is enough, we want our bodies. This is the Alevi district. Armutlu Neighborhood has been abandoned to its fate."
'AFAD did not come'
Another citizen reacted to the pro-media's portrayal of what happened as "good-bye.” The citizen stated that his relatives could come from the Netherlands, but AFAD never came. Another citizen drew attention to the lack of coordination and said, “AFAD has incompetence here.”