150 days left in the rebellion

  • 15:03 13 February 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - Despite all the attacks and obstructions of the government, the "Jin jiyan azadi" rebellion in Iran and Rojhilat has left 150 days behind.
The "Jin jiyan azadi" revolt, which started in the cities of Rojhilat and Iran after the murder of the Kurdish woman Jîna Eminî in Iran, leaves 150 days behind and continues with the demand for freedom. Shahryar Muhammed, who was killed in protest demonstrations in Bokan city of Eastern Kurdistan, was commemorated by his family at his grave. At least 17 people have been killed by the Iranian regime in the city of Bokan since the start of the uprising.
The imposition of the 'martyr of power'
According to the news of Kolbernews, yesterday, Itlaat (Iranian Intelligence) and Revolutionary Guards forces visited families whose children were killed by the regime forces during the protest actions. Government officials asked families to register their children as "Martyrs of Power" in order to receive a salary, but the families refused this request.
Accused of 'fighting against God'
Regarding the fate of those detained in the protest in Shino, Eastern Kurdistan, two brothers, Farhad and Ferzad Tehazade, were accused of "fighting against God" by the Urmiye Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. In the face of these crimes, it was stated that the court faced the risk of giving a death sentence for the two brothers.
Her teeth were broken
Yesterday, Ateş Şakeremi, Nika Şakeremi's aunt, stated that her teeth were broken when they received Nika's body.
Support for the demand for a new Constitution
In addition, nearly 300 political, civilian and academics supported the Green Movement Leader's request for a new constitution to be written for Iran through a referendum.