'Jin Jiyan Azadî Collective' prepares for the march

  • 12:20 22 January 2023
  • News
NEWS CENTER - Jin Jiyan Azadi Collective will hold a march in London, the capital city of England, on January 28.
After the murder of Jîna Eminî, the rebellion, which started with the slogan "Jin jiyan azadî" in Iran and Rojhilat cities, continues despite all the attacks of the government, and the support for the actions continues.
Jin Jiyan Azadi Collective in England made a statement and noted that the "Jin jiyan azadi" revolt, which started in Rojhilat, has spread to the world and all Iranian peoples have embraced the rebellion today.
Call to the peoples
Addressing all peoples living in Kurds, Persians, Baluch, Azeris and Iran, as well as those demanding freedom in England, a call was made to participate in the big march to be held in London on 28 January and to support the rebellion.