Celebrated the founding of Kongra Star

  • 12:09 15 January 2023
  • News
HAER CENTER - Celebrating the anniversary of Kongra Star's foundation, women stated that Kongra Star highlighted the will of women with its struggle.
Many women's organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria, Rojhilat, Southern Kurdistan and Europe celebrated the establishment anniversary of Kongra Star, which was founded on January 15, 2005, with the messages they published.
North and East Syria Women's Council
North and East Syria Women's Coordination Council member and Syrian Women's Union President Corcêt Bersomo stated that Kongra Star is the main women's organization in North and East Syria and emphasized that it has emphasized the will of women with its work since the beginning of the revolution. Corcêt also pointed out that Kongra Star also showed the importance of the role of Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian kadis in the Middle East and the world, as well as in the region. Stating that Kongra Star also plays an important role in women's education, Corcês underlined that as a result of these trainings, women acquire the qualifications of leadership in military, diplomatic and social fields. Corcêt stated that she hopes all women will continue their struggle at this level.
RJAK: Symbol of struggle
Member of the Kurdistan Free Women's Organization (RJAK), Bano Halabja greeted the women of Rojava, who have become the symbol of the Kurdish nation's struggle all over the world. Reminding that Kongra Star was founded in line with the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Bano Helepçe wished that all women in the world would have a voice in the new year.
TJK-E: Set an example for women
TJK-E member Kezban Doğan, who stated that Kongra Star is based on the Kurdistan Free Women's Movement, said that it set an example for all Syrian women with the Rojava Revolution. Kezban stated that the Rojava Revolution, which is defined as the women's revolution, guided all women of the world and added that as Kurdish women in Europe, they also take Kongra Star as a role model.
KJAR: The fight is marching on Kongra Star principles
Saluting all Kongra Star members, Kejal Şêx Mihemedî, a member of the Rojhilatê Kurdistan Free Women's Association (KJAR), noted that as Rojhilat women, they take Kongra Star's struggle as an example. Kejal stated that the women's struggle in Rojhilat was carried out with the principles of Sakine, Bêrîtan, Zîlan Pepolî, Arîn Mîrkan, Avesta Xabûr and Kongra Star.
Zenubian Women's Community: Solving problems
Nesrîn Mihemed, member of the Board of the Zenûbiya Women's Group, pointed out that Kongra Star is the solution to all the problems of women in Northern and Eastern Syria. Reminding that the foundation of all women's organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria is based on the idea of Kongra Star, Nesrîn said, “With the resistance of Kongra Star, women have been involved in all areas of life.”