Armed attack on HDP district building in İstanbul

  • 17:22 28 December 2021
  • News
İSTANBUL - Two people who attacked the HDP Bahçelievler District Organization building with firearm threatened to kill two party members by injuring them.
An armed attack was made on the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Bahçelievler District Organization building in İstanbul. The attackers, whose identity could not be determined, first asked questions about party membership in the district building they entered. Later, the attacker, who poured tea on Ramazan Dişarı, who offered him tea, attacked with a sharp object. Party member Aziz Şimşek, who was trying to prevent the attacker, was also injured during this time.
The attackers, who were trying to be prevented by the party members, fled to a bakery in front of the district building. While the attackers were taken by the polices who came to the scene, no information could be obtained about where they were taken. After the attack, HDP İstanbul MP Züleyha Gülüm and party members came to the district building.
‘I came to kill you’
Ramazan Dişarı, who was injured as a result of the attack, told the Mesopotamia Agency that two attackers threatened them. Ramazan conveyed the events with the following sentences: ‘’After giving the tea, he poured it on my chest. Then he insulted by saying, ‘I came to kill you’. He then took his hand to his gun and attacked me with a knife with his other hand. I injured from my chest. Our friends there tried to stop him. Meanwhile, he pulled a knife on another friend of ours. I held the knife to prevent him. Meanwhile, my hand was cut. Our other friend was also slightly injured in his hand’’.
It was noteworthy that the attack was carried out one day before the first hearing of the Deniz Poyraz case.